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Small Business Made Simple Podcast

Jul 27, 2022

This week, for the first time, I believe, I have TWO guests!  I am chatting to Ness and Nicky from Business Together.  It’s a great chat about finances, money mindset and finding your true north in business.  It’s a great conversation.  Listen in. You can find the show notes at

Jul 20, 2022

CELEBRATING 200 EPISODES and sharing with you what I’ve learnt in 200 episodes of podcasting!  Plus I answer your questions too!  Celebrate with me, won’t you?  If I can ask a favour, as a present to me, would you share this podcast with another small business owner?  Tell them how much you love it and they should...

Jul 13, 2022

You know the saying “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes” – so if your business isn’t growing the way you want it to or fast enough – what are you changing to change the outcome?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, and yet, so many small business...

Jul 6, 2022

Are you paying yourself a wage from your business?  No?  Well my guest today, Amanda Thompson from Endurance Financial says it’s the single most important figure to keep an eye on in your business because, without it, your business will not be as financial as it can be.  Such an interesting conversation. Great...