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Small Business Made Simple Podcast

Sep 18, 2019


In small business we have this fantasy that BIG business at the BIG end of town has all their i's dotted and t's crossed - but my guest today is here to tell us othewise!

Today’s episode is brought to you by my new downable Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads. This is a workbook full of exercises, tips and...

Sep 11, 2019


If you are a life long learner, always listening to podcasts, reading blogs, following people on social media - learning as much as you can to bring your business forward but wonder how it all can fit together - then this is the episode for you!

Today’s episode is brought to you by my new downable...

Sep 4, 2019

Hiring the right people at the right time can be a REALLY difficult process, so today I've got a special guest, who's going to help us with just that!

Hey there, welcome to episode 36 of the Small Business Made Simple Podcast.

Thank you for lending me your ears today – I know you have lots of choices, so I sincerely...